Mmy name is Susan. I’m an independent consultant and I help brands craft their digital voice and personality so that they can communicate their intrinsic value and build deep relationships with their customers online.

The internet offers brands the opportunity to be visible, to connect, to engage, to support, to sell, to build a network, to partner, to develop a deeper understanding… the possibilities are endless. I engage with brands at the point where storytelling, user experience and technology converge. I have over 14 years of experience developing communications (internal and external), designing user experiences, facilitating online communities and positioning brands. My client list includes startups, small and medium-sized companies and large international corporates.

What I can do for you

Brand Positioning

I can help you develop a unique positioning that highlights what you and your team do best. This results in a unique tone and communication style, a strong online personality that breaks through the clutter.

Digital Presence

From crafting a brand-rich website to developing social media pages, I help you celebrate your brand online.

Digital Communications

Blog posts, website content, brochures, infographics, video storyboards, internal communication engagement strategies… whatever your communication needs.

Engagement Marketing

There is more to digital than Google and Facebook ads. Let’s talk about building engagement and long-lasting relationships with your customers, partners and employees.


International NGO Federation embraces online communities of practice

Find out how an iNGO federation developed online workspaces and embraced the culture of self-organizing online communities. Click here to request for case study

Restaurateurs rebrand

Restaurateurs who’ve run several popular chains of restaurants rebranded themselves which involved naming the company, developing a new brand identity and website. Click here to request for case study

Before you go

Prior to starting out as a consultant, I was employed at ActionAid International, Accenture, NetGalactic and others. I am a graduate in English and Psychology and have serviced well-known companies, such as WIPRO, HP, COMPAQ, AVAYA, DIGITAL INDIA, OYZTERBAY, etc., managing their online presence. I also consult with Ink Inc, a design consultancy firm.

Do connect with me on any of the social media channels listed below or mail me at susan@susan-joseph.com.